San San & Justin’s Millmerran Church Wedding

by Karin
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Nǐ hǎo (你好 which means “Hello” in Chinese 😉 ). When I met up with San San she told me her plans for her beautiful Millmerran wedding. Each wedding is unique and it’s wonderful to meet so many different people from all over the world. This is one of the reasons, I enjoy weddings so much! I love it!
San San & Justin (Jui Ting is his Chinese name) are my gorgeous Asian couple, who came about 4 years ago to study in Australia.
They landed in Millmerran, an outback Queensland town, 2 hours West of Brisbane and a population less than 1600. With open arms, the people of this quaint, heartwarming town welcomed them and took the likeable pair from Taiwan under their wing. I was pleasantly surprised at how cute this little town was. Millmerran had such a nice feel to it, compared to most places I have been.

When I have a local wedding I always meet the clients face to face to talk about their wedding day. Meeting San San for the first time, I had a such a good feeling about this unusual outback wedding. I like to ask my clients if there is something particularly important they would like documented? One of the requests San San had was to include lots of “Millmerran” signs during the location session. San San’s family couldn’t join her, but Justin’s mum and two brothers were able to fly over for the big day. Justin’s brother Dylan was best man, while his other brother Jerry helped him to get ready.

The ceremony was held at the Presbyterian Church. A beautiful and traditional wooden building full of country charm & patina.
San San walked down the aisle looking absolutely stunning. Her emotions had overcome her. Pastor David held the perfect ceremony, just the right amount of time without making it too long.  
After this, we headed outside for a big group photo. I always do this in my formals and the usual other family shots.

For the location session, we started at the massive camp oven which is right in the heart of this town. After being “cooked” in the oven we went to the museum, which gave some awesome backdrops for my gorgeous couple. Last but not least our session ended at a little pontoon which included a dock. The weather gave us a real show with some stunning clouds to round off this already much-accomplished session.

The reception was held in the Mill Inn Tavern and this was quite emotional too because the couple has moved not long ago to Brisbane. Their Millmerran Wedding was also a goodbye and a thank you for all the lovely care they received over the years. I teared up with emotion seeing those true and raw feelings. I could just feel and see the love they had for this town. An impressive full moon topped off the night, could it be any more perfect?!

San San and Justin went with 6 hours of wedding coverage. It’s a great option for those wanting a bit of everything and usually covers from bridal prep till 1st hour of the reception.
I have shown only a small selection of the wedding in this blog. San San and Justin received almost 500 images to enjoy.
Xièxiè (謝謝 which means “Thank you” in Chinese) San San & Justin for choosing me as your photographer! I wish this enchanting couple every happiness for the future and hope they find success in Brisbane. XxX Karin

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What San San & Justin think of Karisma Studios:

“Thank you so much Karin for doing a fabulous job and amazing photos of our wedding. Karin is so professional and fun, she made all of us feel so relaxed. She attended our rehearsal, provided some useful advice, drove around the town looking for the best spot for our location photo on the day before, and handled the long day with ease and managed the time perfectly on the wedding day.

We were so impressed when seeing our photos because at first I was quite worried that we Asians have different facial features. So Asian girls, don’t hesitate if you are looking for a professional photographer for your big day 🙂 I can’t recommend Karin and Karisma Studios highly enough!!!



San San & Justin’s fabulous day was made possible by:

Venue: The Mill Inn Tavern
Pastor: David Chandler
Ceremony: The Presbyterian Church

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