Shannon & Lisa’s Tugun Surf Club Same Sex Wedding

by Karin
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Tugun Surf Club Same Sex wedding

Wow, I can’t believe these 2 gorgeous girls got married 6 months ago already at the Lifesavers Club in Tugun! When Lisa and Shannon contacted me last year and asked me to shoot their wedding, I was super excited, to say the least. Funny enough Shannon thought she would never get married as she didn’t think it was that important and then this happened…

In December 2017 Australia decided to finally give the green light to same-sex marriages (The Netherlands was actually the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage and luckily many followed their example). To be honest, it’s about bloody time! As a Dutchy, I just can’t believe that a so-called modern and western country as Australia took so long, something that shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place. It still boggles me that some people can’t be open-minded as in my eyes, I don’t care what you do, look like or act, as long as you don’t hurt anybody else with your actions, let people be! A happy person will only spread happiness if you get what I mean 🙂

Back to the wedding though, as I was going a bit too much off-topic 😉 When I spoke to Lisa and Shannon during our meeting, they weren’t too keen on romantic photos as they are a down to earth kind of couple. Another thing they wanted was to have lots of great shots of their 5 kids as they are their everything. Another thing was that they weren’t too fussed about lovey-dovey photos as they aren’t that type of people. Lisa and Shannon rather had some great pics of having a good time instead. On the day it was not only a gorgeous day at the Gold Coast but everything was going according to plan too which is nice for a change. When I arrived at the Riviera Resort, everybody was already in full wedding mode getting ready and you could feel the excitement in the air.

Lisa and her entourage were the first ones to head down to the Surf club. The lovely couple had arranged their friend Grant’s cool 1973 Holden HQ Station Wagon for them to drop off at the Surf Club. Shortly after it was Shannons turn and everybody was already waiting at the Surf Club for their arrival.
The ceremony started around 4 pm and was short and sweet with the couple only having eyes for each other.
Once all the formalities were done, we headed quickly to the beach as the light was already disappearing quickly. Luckily I always have my treasured speed lights for some cool night shots when I need too.

Back at the reception, everybody had a great time and because the couple weren’t fussed about cake cutting, first dance etc. I left them to be with their family and friends to enjoy the rest of the night. Shannon and Lisa hired me for 6 hours which covered prep up to the first hour of the reception. It was an unforgettable night with lots of fun and laughter. Thank you for making me part of your gorgeous wedding girls! I wish the happy couple and their big gorgeous family, a life with lots of love, good health and many unforgettable and funny moments. XxX Karin

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What Shannon & Lisa think about Karisma Studios: 

“Karin Is absolutely amazing. She truly has a gift for making the ordinary extraordinary. Our wedding photos are absolutely outstanding! Everyone from the wedding has been raving about how wonderful our photographer was, particularly in her dealings with our 5 kids, and her attention to detail.

She is cool, calm and collected and has a natural knack for bringing out the best in both kids and adults.
Karin was excellent in her communication with us, and listened to what we were after and captured exactly that. She’s just amazing. Best wedding expenditure by far.


Shannon & Lisa’s fabulous day was made possible by:

Venue: Tugun Life Club
Celebrant: Deb Hunter
Make-up: Sugar Mobile Makeup & Hair
Hair: IlluminateU
Stylist: All about Venues
Shannon’s Dress: Carolann Bridalwear
Shannon’s Shoes: Novo
Lisa’s outfit: Connor
Lisa’s shoes: Julius Marlow
Little boys outfits: Ollie’s Place
Cake: Kylie’s Cupcakery
1973 Holden Car: Grant Otago
Prep brides: Golden Riviera Resort


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