Fiona & Darren’s Buderim Parkland Wedding

by Karin
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Buderim Parkland Wedding

What a great day this was and how lucky Fiona and Darren were with their beautiful wedding at Buderim. It had literally rained for days even though it is supposed to be the Sunshine Coast, just kidding. Both in a previous relationship with kids, this lovely couple has found love again and wanted to celebrate it with their loved ones. With Fiona even being a grandma now, it shows that love has no age or boundaries, just the way it should be after all! 💖

This is what I love about weddings, you get to meet couples from all aspects of life. When I met Fiona and Darren, it was for our engagement session and back then I noticed we got on like a house on fire. Both of them didn’t feel all too comfortable in front of the camera so an engagement session is a great way to break the ice. You can see me in action with my gear and it’s a fantastic way to get familiar with who I am and what I do. I especially recommend it if one of you is shy, so when your big day arrives there are no shocks or surprises

Fiona and Darren told me during our meeting they weren’t too fussed about all the little details during prep, meaning I was able to start later and just get a couple of photos before it all started. The ceremony was so beautiful, both had written cute little promises and you could just feel the love in the air. As the bride was fashionably late, it meant we didn’t have an awful lot of time for the location session. Fiona had 2 dresses to wear, one for the ceremony and one for the reception which meant they had to duck out after the location shoot to get changed. In the meantime, their guests were enjoying themselves at the tavern.

When I arrived, I didn’t expect such a beautifully decorated room, it felt like I had landed in some fairy tale. Everything looked just perfect in every way and it shows again, you can make something simple (like a tavern) into something magnificent. The couple hired a photo booth to have some fun with, which was a huge success. With the night nearing the end for me and the couple hiring me for 6.5 hours (they decided on the night that they wanted me to stay a half-hour longer) it was perfectly planned to capture their first dance.
I wish this stunning couple many years of happiness and joyful moments, just like on their wedding day. XxX Karin

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Fiona & Darren’s magnificent day was made possible by:

Venue: Buderim Tavern
Celebrant: Nikki Thorn
Make-up & Hair: Jacqueline’s Makeup & Hair
Brides Dresses: Love Bridal & Ferrari Formal Wear
Bride and groom prep: Brightwater Executive home
Videographer: Memories by Merryn
Ceremony: Buderim Village Park



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