Why I sold my Mirrorless Fuji X-T2

by Karin
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Why on earth did I sell my spanking new mirrorless Fuji X-T2?!


Ok this blog might create a discussion, especially if you’re in love with Fuji! 
First of all I honestly thought it would have suited my style and how I really wanted to be in love with it, but…. I just wasn’t. 
Now you have to understand, this camera might be great, if you love the muted style of colour in photography (these photos below are JPEG’s straight out of camera)  and not to mention mind the grain/noise.


9 months ago I bought excitedly the big hyped up mirrorless Fuji X-T2.
As a woman, I was hoping I would adore it and could switch to “lighter” gear, since 2x Canon 5D II bodies with 5 lenses, a couple flashes, too many batteries for my gear & lots of other little things are doing my back in! Not to mention carrying around my tripod 😛
So when I finally made the hard decision thinking of switching brands, I bit the bullet and bought myself the X-T2 and had a play with some great prime lenses (23mm F1.4mm and the 56mm F1.2mm).
I tried really hard to love it, but I found out the quality just isn’t there…

First of all, it isn’t great in low light! which is an absolute must for me as a wedding photographer who needs to shoot in some pretty dark area’s (bridal prep, churches etc.).
Another problem is that when you shoot high ISO (example photo of my son, shot at ISO 1600, F1.4 and 60 sec.) it creates massive worms (see cropped in photo). 

Maybe I’m a pixel peeper or whatever you want to call it, but if a client is paying good money for your services, you need to deliver top notch quality in my opinion, especially if they want to print out large size images for on the wall.
It’s still a crop sensor camera in the end and even the RAW files after proper editing left me quite underwhelmed and that’s an understatement….
When is the mirrorless Fuji X-T2 a great camera? When it’s on a tripod, doing a long exposure shots. Is it worth the $7000 on the camera and 5 lenses, hell no!

I just sold my X-T2 with my 23mm F1.4, 56mm F1.2, 14mm F2.8, 18-55 F2.8-4 and the 100-400 F4-5.6 lenses! Gutted to say the least!!!
Want to switch, I would probably switch to Sony…
I’m glad I kept my Canon gear and have to just suck up the weight for now 😉
If a professional would ask me what I think of switching from Canon to Fuji, I would say 3 words…DON’T DO IT! (but that is just my opinion 😛 )

XxX Karin

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