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by Karin

     Finding your photographer is so much more than something to tick off your checklist.

     It should be an experience that makes you fall in love with each other even more…

Are you looking for? 

* A passionate, bubbly, relaxed and down to earth photographer who goes with the flow and is emotionally involved in your magical day. 
* A photographer who captures your special day uniquely and exactly the way you want it.
* Someone who seamlessly captures you and your loved one as a couple and document the genuine and raw emotions of the day.  
* A photographer who can use any light or creates the right light if there’s no proper light in the right place at the right time.
* Someone who has been in the business for years but still treats every wedding with as much enthusiasm and delight as it was her first.

If these tick most of your boxes, I’m the photographer for you. If my photographs speak to you, I would love to connect and talk about what you have in mind.

My shooting style is mostly in a documentary/candid way with during the location session some simple guided portraits if desired, but other than that, let the day happen and I’ll capture it! I only shoot about 20-25 weddings a year, as I believe in quality not quantity, so if you love what you see, let’s connect!

Karin: Karisma Studios


My Vision: Karisma Studios recognises that everyone is beautiful and equal. I don’t judge based on looks, gender, age or religion. What I do care about is your story and I want to capture that to make it last forever for generations to come.


My Aim: To be there for you at the right moment, at the right time. Those precious and genuine moments that will only happen once. I won’t just take the obvious photographs but also look for those raw and fleeting moments to capture which are easily missed without the trained eye. I’m looking for real and genuine connections between people, that’s what makes my heart beat faster and makes me all gooey inside.

My Goal: To create stunning, creative but above all, pure and emotive images for my clients so in years from now when they look back at their images, they can relive those precious moments as if it was only yesterday.

Who is this kick ass photographer Karin?

A Massive Chocoholic, Mother of a Super Active Boy, Wife of a Nerdy Husband, Passionate Photographer, Travel Fanatic, Avid Gardener (on our Off-Grid Property), Music Nutter, Movie Junkie, Nature Mad, Animal Lover, Dread Head and a Proud Dutchy.
Picture: Happy, Honest, Fun, Genuine, Energetic, Caring, Loyal, Hardworking, Perfectionist, Passionate, Curious, Creative, Straightforward, Dedicated and basically that’s me in a nutshell! Nuts about photography all my life, I’ve been doing this fantastic passion for 8 years now. I’ve had so many lovely people in front of my lens but the biggest kick I get out of photography is documenting weddings.

Let’s be honest though, this is not about me, it’s all about you!
If you are interested and would like to know more of who I am, please feel free to check out my first blog.
To me the people I photograph are the most important!
Without you there is no story…

So if you’re still looking for a fun, caring and devoted photographer, think of Karin and lets make some EPIC memories together!


“Karin is simply amazing!! We met to discuss all the details of the wedding, from the locations to the types of photos we wanted. She was fantastic with the guests, the bridal party and getting people into position. She was just sooo much fun and very calming. She pays attention to detail and is super organised. Karin called a few times before the actual event just to check for any changes that may have come up.’’   

Cat & Tony 

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